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Why choose Barcelona

If there is something to say about Barcelona, is that it is a city which lives up to its reputation. Whether it is for a weekend, a year or a lifetime, whether you like parties, sports, beaches or arts, the catalan capital's charms are numerous. No need to go through everything you can do and see in Barcelona, you'll find it in your guide book. However, we can give you some good reasons to come and spend a nice weekend here with your mates.

So then, why should you choose Barcelona for a successful stag do weekend ?

  • EVG à Barcelone: Aéroport


    Because it is easily accessible, especially by plane thanks to regular flight paths from all of the principal european airports.
  • EVG à Barcelone: plage Barceloneta

    Lever de soleil sur la plage

    Because after going out all night, seeing the sunrise on the beach is pretty nice
  • EVG à Barcelone: plage

    Plage en pleine ville

    Because that specific beach is in the city, reachable by metro, bike, flipflops…
  • EVG à Barcelone: boite de nuit

    Boite de nuit

    Because clubs here rock!
  • EVG à Barcelone: mojitos

    Moins cher

    Because it is less expensive than it is in Northern Europe or the UK
  • EVG à Barcelone: Parc Guëll


    Because Barcelona is not only made of beaches and parties, you can also visite nice cultural monuments, sometimes without even noticing.
  • EVG à Barcelone: stade Camp Nou

    Camp Nou

    Because one of the best football team in the world train and play at only a few minutes from the city centre.
  • EVG à Barcelone: Tapas


    Because food will please everyone
  • EVG à Barcelone: bronzage et plage

    Teint halé

    Because you’ll probably get home with the perfect tan

Reasons to visit Barcelona...

  • There is a sunny weather more than 300 days of sunshine a year, and 5 miles of beaches right next to the city centre.
  • It is still kind of cheap, you can go to the restaurant and party all night without blowing up your budget. Taxis are cheap and make it easier to get around the city
  • There is something to suit all tastes: Party animals will love the very impressive nightlifeand internationally renowned clubs. As for sports people, they will enjoy infrastructures and developped outdoor's activities. For those who like Spain culture or strolls in the fresh air, they will discover a unique architecture, impressive historical buildings and beautiful parks. And, for everyone, there is always the gastronomy:either you like simple food or crave sophisticated gourmet plates, you will find what you are looking for in Barcelona.
  • A safe city: You may find this surprising considering Barcelona's bad reputation regarding the pickpockets; that one is not particularly exaggerated, but those misfortunes can easily be avoided (we will give you some recommendations for that matter before you arrive). On the other hand, there is not many violence problems in the everyday life: no extortion, no fights after the club hours, you can use public transportation at 4 am, without being afraid to get bothered...
  • An "easy" city: It is connected to most European airports, has a developped public transportation service, numerous and available taxis (and most of them are nice!), supermarkets at every corner open till late...

Are you convinced ?

You probably already were ! We now invite you to find out every possible activity for your stag do, at all times of the day or night.

Our benefits

  • Local knowledge
    We have been living in Barcelona for years and we love this city !
  • Experience
    We organize more than 700 stag do weekends every year, only in Barcelona
  • Flexibility
    With or without accomodation, just one or several activities - you get to decide !
  • Communication
    The whole team speak English
  • Reactivity
    You will receive a quote within 24 hrs after your request
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Intense Barcelona S.L.U is a local agency based in Barcelona and specialized in the organisation of stag and hen-dos, birthday and other group events in the Catalan capital
The agency was created in 2012 by an expat and has since started organizing corporate events.

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