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Activités EVG

Sex show: Bagdad Barcelona

Activité EVG à Barcelone : sex show
City Center
About 2h
All year round

The activity being privatized for your group, the price per person could possibly (not necessarily) be higher for smaller groups, et vice versa.

The price includes:
  • Entrance ticket
  • 2 drinks
  • Possibility to combine with a meal at a restaurant

Sex show: Bagdad Barcelona

Bagdad, the most famous erotic club in Europe, is right in the centre of Barcelona! You will see a unique show that includes live sex and you can even join in (if you want)…


Please note: For an experienced public!Bagdad is a unique place in Europe. What’s the show all about? It’s split up into a dozen acts from a simple striptease to live sex (several Spanish porn stars have started their careers there). The highlight is that you can also join the show. A far cry from strip clubs where you can only touch with your eyes, the artists will approach you and even invite you to the stage…
The club, located in the city centre, is open from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. (6 a.m. on weekends). The two-hour show is repeated three times throughout the evening. You arrive and leave whenever you want.

Our opinion

If your moral compass allows, it’s simply the perfect place to have an unforgettable stag do…
If you really want to have fun, sit in the first row or at least get the future groom to sit there. Don’t worry. No one will force you to do anything and if you feel uneasy, you can always change seats.
When we went, a guest volunteered to go on stage and do the full monty with the actress. One of our friends realised that the girl who asked him to fondle her breasts wasn’t actually a girl… If you go with the right spirit, you’ll definitely end up laughing until you cry.

The entrance fare only is normally 90€. We offer it to you at 70€, with the option of combining it with a meal at a restaurant and a private striptease for only 30€ extra.

For 100€ per person, you get:
– One diner at a restaurant located right next to the Bagdad, which includes entry (tapas), main course, dessert, coffee, chupito (shot), and also wine, beer, sangria and water.
– Private striptease for the group with for each one one glass of cava (Spanish champagne)
– The show with 2 drinks included
It is a really interesting offer when you know that only the entrance ticket normally costs 90€ !

Useful info

All the offered activities have been tried out and approved. Our selection criterion

Our decision criteria

For your stag do weekend in Barcelona, we have selected activities according to 3 principal requirements:

  • Apart from few exceptions, they take place in Barcelona itself, therefore they are easily accessible by taxi or public transportation. Most of them are actually in the city centre or nearby, thus you can walk there.
  • We gave preference to activities you couldn't necessarily do at home. We considered that if you would come all the way to Barcelona, it would be to enjoy Barcelona and its advantages.
  • The activities we offer are always "in a good time vibe" and fits in a stag do weekend, or in any friends' reunion weekend by the way. To tell the truth we had tried out most of them way before stag-barcelona was created !

The advertised price is based on 10 people, but in most cases, the offered price will be close or identical, even if you are more or less than 10 people.

Unless otherwise indicated, most activities are held in Barcelona, thus easily reached by public transport, taxi or walking.

If an idea comes into your mind and we don't offer it on our website, give us a ring or drop us an email!

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The agency was created in 2012 by an expat and has since started organizing corporate events.

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