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Activités EVG

Limo/Clubbing Pack

Activité EVG à Barcelone: Limo et club
Pick Up Anywhere - Drop Off at the Club
All night long
All year round
A maximum of 12 people per limousine


(approximate price based on a group of 10)
Plus d'informations

Since the limousine is only for your group, the price per person listed in our quote may (but not necessarily) be higher for smaller groups and vice-versa.

The price includes:
  • A one-hour tour in an 8-12 seat limousine
  • 2 bottles of cava
  • 2 bottles of alcohol (whisky and vodka) + soft drinks
  • Free entrance to the nightclub without waiting
  • A drink

Limo/Clubbing Pack

The bottles are included during the one-hour tour in a huge limousine just for you and your friends with this Limo/Clubbing Pack. You’re guaranteed to be ready to party at the club, where you’ll be able to enter without waiting. As an option, you can enjoy a striptease in the limousine.
OPTION: You can have a stripteaser come with you in the limousine for a €200 extra fee for the group (and, yes, you can choose the stripteaser!)


The limousine
A limousine (with 8-12 seats, depending on the size of your group, or even 2 limousines for larger groups) will come pick you up wherever you wish and take you to our partner nightclub following a one-hour tour with free drinks: 2 bottles of cava, 1 bottle of whisky, 1 bottle of vodka and soft drinks to go with - it should be enough for just an hour!

The club
The limousine will drop you off right in front of the club featuring several rooms and a terrace overlooking the beach, which is quite pleasant from March to October. Your entry is reserved and each person will receive a free drink ticket. You’ll be able to go right on it without queuing, simply by giving your name at the door.

OPTION: You can have a stripteaser come with you in the limousine for a €200 extra fee for the group (and, yes, you can choose the stripteaser!)

The benefits of this option:
– The clubbing pack par excellence
– Plenty of drinks in the limousine
– You’ll be dropped off right at the club, immediate entry without waiting
– A popular seaside club with one drink included

– Even the largest limousines can only accommodate up to 12 passengers. This is a legal limit and no exception is possible. Larger groups will be divided into 2 (or 3) limousines.
– Be careful not to arrive at the venue in an improper state. Likewise, proper dress is required (more information on the dress code will be given in the confirmation information sent to you after booking).

Useful info

All the offered activities have been tried out and approved. Our selection criterion

Our decision criteria

For your stag do weekend in Barcelona, we have selected activities according to 3 principal requirements:

  • Apart from few exceptions, they take place in Barcelona itself, therefore they are easily accessible by taxi or public transportation. Most of them are actually in the city centre or nearby, thus you can walk there.
  • We gave preference to activities you couldn't necessarily do at home. We considered that if you would come all the way to Barcelona, it would be to enjoy Barcelona and its advantages.
  • The activities we offer are always "in a good time vibe" and fits in a stag do weekend, or in any friends' reunion weekend by the way. To tell the truth we had tried out most of them way before stag-barcelona was created !

The advertised price is based on 10 people, but in most cases, the offered price will be close or identical, even if you are more or less than 10 people.

Unless otherwise indicated, most activities are held in Barcelona, thus easily reached by public transport, taxi or walking.

If an idea comes into your mind and we don't offer it on our website, give us a ring or drop us an email!

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Agence basée à Barcelone et 100% francophone, Intense Barcelona S.L.U est spécialisée dans l'organisation d'enterrements de vie de garçon, anniversaires et autres séjours festifs dans la capitale catalane depuis 2012.

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Intense Barcelona S.L.U is a local agency based in Barcelona and specialized in the organisation of stag and hen-dos, birthday and other group events in the Catalan capital
The agency was created in 2012 by an expat and has since started organizing corporate events.

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