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Specialised in the organisation of stag and hen dos in Barcelona, our aim is to ensure you have an unforgettable stress-free holiday in a city we adore. That’s why we offer accommodation in the city centre, group activities, and various services which will facilitate the planning of your holiday.


We negotiated payment and terms for about fifteen activities we liked and considered perfect for a group of friends on holiday. You can select the number you want, according to your budget, your needs, and your availabilities…


All our accommodation is very well located; right in the city centre, in lively neighbourhoods with everything you need to have a nice stay: supermarkets, bars, restaurants, metro stops, etc. The beach is nearby too! We recommend you choose a flat for various reasons; we can also find hotels or privatised dorms in youth hostels

Holiday organization

We know how much organising a stag do can be fastidious for the witnesses, what with each person’s constraints, communication problems, etc. Notwithstanding that most of you have pretty busy weeks.
That’s why if you book your accommodation or activity through us, we can ensure the task is easier by offering a range of free services which will help you get the most out of your days in Barcelona.
Holiday preparation support

At first, we will find the best deals for you, and help you prepare a good programme (activities, visits, restaurants, bars, night clubs, etc.) according to your budget, your needs, and your availabilities. All you need to do is forward this to the rest of the group and decide together.

Advice about Barcelona before departure

We will give you advice about Barcelona which you won’t necessarily find in the guide books: which beach to go to, which night club to go to for a particular ambience, which clothes to bring, etc. We also remain available to answer your more specific questions, and will keep you informed if a particular event takes place during your holiday dates.

Guest list

In Barcelona, you have to pay for entry in most night clubs. It is however possible to enter free, in certain conditions, by signing on the guest list. Ask us, and we will sign you onto the list for your chosen nightclub(s).

Please note: The guest lists have 2 constraints: arriving before a certain time, and queuing (sometimes for a long time).

Restaurant reservations

Interested in one restaurant in particular? We can reserve a table for you there. We can also reserve a VIP table in the nightclub of your choice.


We will remain available for any question or last-minute requests. In the event of a problem, we will be ready to join you.

Our benefits

  • Local knowledge
    We have been living in Barcelona for years and we love this city !
  • Experience
    We organize more than 700 stag do weekends every year, only in Barcelona
  • Flexibility
    With or without accomodation, just one or several activities - you get to decide !
  • Communication
    The whole team speak English
  • Reactivity
    You will receive a quote within 24 hrs after your request
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  • Great help from the Intense Barcelona team from the quotation to the end of our stay. I recommend it ! Thanks the team, thanks Noemie.

    Garry, STAG in May 2018

  • The catamaran ride was perfect, very welcoming, the fridge was full, and we could play our own music.
    Definitely one of the best !

    Clement, STAG in July 2017

  • Hi,

    Awesome trip, every activity happened on time, as we planned. The team was always available on the phone for any questions.

    Alex, STAG in September 2018

  • Perfect organization, perfect timing for every activity, available at any moment, very flexible, everything was perfect for this short but successfull stag do weekend.

    Tom, STAG in March 2018

  • Thank you to the whole Intense Barcelona team ! We really appreciated your help: Your quick answers, your advice and your support. On site, there was no problem, the organization was regular as clockwork. The drivers were always on time, the activities were really good. All in all, don’t change anything !

    Nico, STAG in June 2018

  • Perfect organization, perfect timing for every activity, available at any moment, very flexible, everything was perfect for this short but successfull stag do weekend.

    Tom, STAG in March 2018

  • I definitely recommmend Intense Barcelona for the organization! The team is the best, and will answer to all your expectations, even the craziest ones!
    There was no unpleasant surprise when we arrived and they took care of everything, till every little detail!
    Thanks to you, the groom spent one of the best weekends of his life!

    Benjamin, STAG in April 2018

  • Great stay in Barcelona, we only booked aquatic activities through Intense Barcelona, but if I had to organize another event, I would definitely choose a more complete pack, given the quality of their services !Thanks again !!

    Guillaume, STAG in August 2016

  • Thank you so much to the whole Intense Barcelona team for the quality of the organization, communication, accomodation, activities, restaurants, everything was perfect !

    Sylvain, STAG in June 2017

  • Thank you Intense Barcelona ! Since the beginning, the team was responsive and helpful, and we could feel already that we would have a good time thanks to you. The activities matched the description we got, we also got a roadmap and a small guide book. Everything is done by Intense so that all goes well. The groom will remember it for a long time !

    Cedric, STAG in April 2018

  • Awesome weekend, the catamaran party was amazing, the groom really enjoyed it. Intense Barcelona got me room in the catamaran saturday afternoon when all the other websites told me there was no more space !
    Thank you very much

    Mickael, STAG in June 2017

  • We were in a difficult situation right before leaving for Barcelona, after another agency stopped answering us.
    Thanks to your availability and reactivity, we booked 2 activities for the next day !Thanks for everything.

    Alex, STAG in September 2016

  • Great remote service,
    Very friendly, professional and responsive!!!

    Renaud, STAG in May 2018

  • Very good organization, good service, very professional.

    Christopher, STAG in September 2017

  • Perfect organization from Intense Barcelona. Contact with the team was really polite and we got everywhere we booked a really warm welcome. We had a unforgettable stag do weekend, during the San Juan Holiday, the atmosphere was wild in the city.
    It was a really good night. Thanks again

    Thierry, STAG in June 2018

  • We took the limo-restaurant-club pack, and weren’t disappointed. We were actually surprised of the amount allowed for drinks and food at the restaurant without paying any extras. We got a really warm welcoming.
    I really recommend this pack, thank you for the organization !

    Stephane, STAG in April 2017

  • Very professional service
    Thorough monitoring of any need

    Patrick, STAG in March 2017

  • Thank you to the whole Intense Barcelona team which is a really conscientious company! The stay was perfect thanks to you, especially to Noemie !

    If you want to spend a nice stag do weekend without any hassle, Intense Barcelona is the best !

    Kevin, STAG in May 2018

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Agence basée à Barcelone et 100% francophone, Intense Barcelona S.L.U est spécialisée dans l'organisation d'enterrements de vie de garçon, anniversaires et autres séjours festifs dans la capitale catalane depuis 2012.

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About us

Intense Barcelona S.L.U is a local agency based in Barcelona and specialized in the organisation of stag and hen-dos, birthday and other group events in the Catalan capital
The agency was created in 2012 by an expat and has since started organizing corporate events.

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We speak english

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